Wood Flooring Care

Important Humidity Control

Wood flooring is a product of nature and will absorb excessive moisture under humid conditions and release l moisture under excessive dry conditions.  Although, NuFloor is constructed to withstand the changes in humidity fluctuations it is a natural product and proper observance to relative humidity conditions (RH levels) should be observed.

Relative humidity in the home should be kept year around at a minimum of; 35% to a maximum of 60% with an average of about 45%.  The 45% Relative Humidity level should be maintained as consistently as possible within this range throughout the year. This Relative humidity will crate both a comfortable and healthy environment for you and your floor.

Please note: All wood flooring expands in humid weather and shrinks in dry conditions.

For your protection we strongly recommend the use of both a dehumidifier and a humidifier system at the appropriate times of the year. Manufacturers of hardwood flooring cannot be responsible for installations where either excessive humid or excessively dry conditions exist.

When the furnace or other heating systems are off: During this period in later spring, summer and early fall; we strongly recommend the use of a dehumidifier. Not protecting your floor from excessive humidity could result in expansion and thereby cause damage to your floor.

When the furnace or other heating systems are on: During the period in late fall, winter and early spring, we strongly recommend the use of a humidifier system. It will not only protect your health, a humidifier system will also provide moisture in the air to help the possible problem of shrinking (cracks between the boards or other damage to your floor).

Discoloration: Although, our products are all UV cured and resistant to fading, light colors will show more discolorations than dark stained colors. Specific Species such as; American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry and other Exotics will be affected more readily than other species. Any covered areas should be moved periodically in order to assist in slowing down the aging and blocking the sun light from shinning directly on the floor will also help slow down aging. Never expose your floor to direct sunlight as this may adversely damage and /or bleach your floor. Always use proper window light filtering window coverings.

Routine Care: Clean with a vacuum cleaner, dry dust mop or well rung moist mop. Wipe up spills immediately with well rung out damp cloth and dry wipe area at once. Use only recognized floor cleaning products purchased from specialty floor covering stores such as; the Bona Kemi cleaning system or other similar quality maintenance products purchased from a floor covering specialty store. Hardwood floors although very durable, are “NOT” SCRATCH PROOF. Dirt and grit will abrade the surface and wear off the finish. Remove daily by sweeping or vacuuming.  Do notT drag or pull furniture and other heavy items across your floor. Use floor protector pads (such as felt pads) on furniture legs.

Structural Warranty: 25 years warranty to the original purchaser against manufacturing defects such as wrapping, buckling or bonding failure under normal residential use. As with all warranties, terms and conditions apply.

Our warranties do not cover failure due to improper installation.

Also, as wood is a natural product, NuFloor can’t guarantee against natural variations in each plank, nor against color differences between samples and the color of the floor once the floor has been installed.

Careful pre-inspection of the flooring is the responsibility of the buyer.

Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. All requests to make a return after 30 days of purchase will be denied. No exceptions.

No return can be made until you have spoken with an Add floor representative and received consent to arrange the return.

All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 25%. The exact restocking fee will be determined at the time of return

Original shipping costs cannot be refunded, and the customer must pay for and arrange return freight to the address that we will provide when you call us to arrange your return.

No returns will be accepted for opened boxes, cartons, bundles, etc… We will ONLY accept returns of material that are still in the original manufacturer’s packaging without any signs of tampering or damage.

No returns will be accepted for special orders, closeouts, custom made material, discontinued items, moldings, trim, adhesives, underpayments, or any other kinds of accessories.

For returns, purchases made by cash or check will be refunded by check within 5-10 business days, purchases by credit or debit card will be credited back to the credit or debit card used for the purchase.

Returned Check: $25 processing fee applies for a returned check.

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