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NuFloor’s parent company was founded in 2013, producing engineered wood flooring and plywood products.

NuFloor’s products are manufactured with the highest quality raw lumber and premium materials. The products are all types of finishing, such as heavily distressed floor with UV coating and oiled finishing. The California Sunshine Collection and Mountain Floor Collection provide our clients with various options. Our versatile, elegant wood collections offer carefree beauty that will qualify for residential and commercial application.

To pursue our goal of providing excellent customer service for our North America clients, we establish NUFLOOR LLC in California to offer products demonstration, technical support, timely delivery, warranty claims and issues that our valuable customers may have. We are always at your service with prompt and friendly response.

Our competitive price, elegant selections, technical support, friendly after-sale service, reflects our commitment to be your partner in the wood flooring industry.

Why choose our products?

  • Tens of Thousands of feet of Product on Hand
  • Years of solid reviews online
  • We serve 100s of satisfied partners
  • A vast selection of woods and colors
  • High quality materials
  • Outstanding customer service before, during, and after sale
  • 25 year product warranty that your customers will appreciate

The NuFloor Difference

Our Commitment to You
Our commitment to affordability ensures you are getting a great price for the highest value.
Always High Quality
We make sure each and every product is made with the finest quality and longest lasting materials.
Large Selection
We are constantly adding to our inventory so you have the ability to choose from a wide selection of both wood and vinyl flooring.
Timeless and Durable
With our own manufacturing system we can sure that we use the most durable materials that will stand the test of time.
Thousand Square Feet of Flooring
Types of Woods & Colors
Years of Experience
Satisfied Partners